The Humble Plasterer

One highly skilled trade that is ignored until they are needed is the humble plasterer. His job, and it is generally a man’s job because of the strength required, is to plaster over the walls and ceilings to provide a professional and long life finish.

Most people take this work for granted until they get to try it out for themselves then discovered just how difficult it is to get a fully smooth and unblemished finish to the wall or the ceiling. The plasterer needs to have a lot of different skills when doing the work, and this includes mixing the plaster just right for the current weather conditions and temperature and humidity, and then applying the plaster in the correct way at the correct timing with the correct number of coats to get the required perfect finish.

The plasterer needs to have a very good eye so that they can no instinctively when there is a blemish or flight dip or rise in the wall or ceiling. They use relatively expensive plastering trowels that are very true and accurate, and they need to work within a quote timeframe to ensure that the plaster is not setting before they have had time to finish it properly.

Plastering is a physical job and requires quite a lot of strength and stamina, and this is particularly so when the plaster is working on a ceiling. The modern plasterer will probably be wearing specialise stilts so that they are working around their head-height under the ceiling, and if the ceiling is particularly High in the stilts maybe as long as 1 or 1.5 metres. This can appear dangerous to the casual Observer, but the stilts are attached firmly to the plasterers lower limbs and feet, and they provide a stable platform for the plasterer to walk around on. They are an expensive specialised tool.

The plasterer’s finished work should have no blemishes and should be invisible under a good coat of paint. This type of finish is not easy to achieve, and generally takes a few years to perfect as a skill. Good plasterers are paid well as they can work very quickly and leave a very good finish on the walls and ceilings.