REC Screen Recorder HD – A comprehensive guide to use Rec App

An app which works seamlessly on your phone to record what you like is now a reality in the form of Rec. This app has been rampantly downloaded on a massive scale by numerous people worldwide who want to record games, videos and so on. There is an underlying disadvantage of using the downloader for video sites, first of all, you won’t be getting these downloaders easily or there are many other additional features required on your device. This somewhere stunts the free flow functionality of your phone and in such case, Rec comes to your rescue.

What is Rec?

As we said, Rec is a seamless app – but what does this imply? In the current times of multifunctional mobile phones, dexterity is a must. This means you should be able to access an app or see read your email even when recording is going on. If you find an app which lets you run your desired software on your phone without causing hindrance, Rec would definitely top the charts.

Rec download is truly a gem which is catering to the needs of millions who want to record the videos without wasting their mobile data or adding on to their internet bills. You can check out the features and usage of this app which is extremely user-friendly and lets you enjoy a great time with your recorded videos.

REC Screen Recorder HD

How Does this App Work?

Working on this app is often touted to be the highlights with promising qualities that you can have a look on here. REC app has the following information to display:

Duration of the recording
Bitrate which indicates the speed of your internet connection
Duration of recording
There are numerous other features as well which are displayed on the app and this is best understood with the usage.

You can record the video in the following formats:

Features of Rec

Numerous features of this app provide you the pleasure of using a superior recording technology that is ingrained with the goodness of fine technological craftsmanship. To know more, you can check out the features of Rec which are as follows:

This app is free and no need to pay to use its striking features
Easy user interface poses no challenges to its functionality and to your convenience
You don’t need to be glued to your screen while the recording is going on
Records the audio as well
You can plan your recording sessions, either get the full recordings or stop them partially
No need to go to the command lines as everything can be handled through the app only
On which platform it works?

Rec is known for its amazing qualities and dexterity which makes it do wonders when it comes to recording everything. This app works on Android OS with version 4.4 or above.

Do I need to root the device?

While talking about rooting your phone, an Android phone with OS version 5.0 doesn’t require root but if you have Android 4.4 then rooting is done to make the app work in a promising manner. Most of the problems occur when rooting has been done in an ignorant manner which leads to several technical glitches at a later stage.

For rooting the device properly, you will have to look into the procedures required for each and every device as there is no uniformity when it comes to a single procedure that can initiate the device rooting on its own. To make rooting easier, CF-auto Root is a good platform having least problems to cause when the functionality of many other apps need to be materialized.

How to download this app on your phone?

Get yours from the Play Store for your Android phone. The latest version available is 1.8.5 space occupied by REC is roughly 2.5 MB. There are many reasons for which using this app becomes a necessity as we said that it is practically impossible to download everything and pile up on your bills. When you have the option of recording videos and audios in high quality on your phone then why to shell out money on unnecessary things! With REC app, you can enjoy an unhindered way of keeping you entertained with full ease.