How to Capture or Take Screenshot on Redmi Mobiles?

Xioomi is the well-known and the third biggest supplier of Smart cellphone in the globe. It is the Smart cellphone production organization that is known for providing the budget-conscious inhabitants with reasonably cost Smart cellphone designs. Redmi is the kind of Smart cellphone that is developed by this organization and it is reasonably cost and comes with many high-end functions. Display catch or Screen shot is the main function which is included in all Redmi cellular phones. This selection allows the customers to catch the screen of their Redmi cellphone without difficulty and discuss the screenshots with others via different systems. But, many customers are still not aware of the ways to catch screen on their Redmi cellular phones. So, to aid them in catching the screen on their Redmi cellphone here is a brief guide on How to Take a Screen shot on Redmi Cell cellular phones.

There are different techniques that you can use to catch screen on your Redmi cellular phones and all these techniques are easy and can be used to catch as many screenshots as you want on your Redmi cellular phones.

Screenshot with Components Buttons:

All Redmi mobiles run on the Android os working system and hence the most typical technique to catch screen on Redmi cellular phones operating on Android os is by using the hardware control buttons. This is the well-known and earliest technique for catching displays on Android os cellphone and same is applicable to Redmi cellular phones that run on Android os. You can simply identify the hardware control buttons and media it as said below to catch the screen of your Redmi cellphone. Below are the actions that you need to adhere to catch screen on your Redmi cellular.


  • Select the screen that you want to capture
  • Now identify the hardware key like the Quantity Down and Energy key on your Redmi Mobile
  • Press both these control buttons together for few a few moments until you shutter audio is heard
  • An immediate concept will appear saying that the screenshot has been taken efficiently and it is held in the collection of the device
  • Open the collection and you will find the taken screenshot in the collection which you can discuss through different systems with others.


These are four techniques that will let you catch displays on Redmi Cell cellular phones without difficulty. You must any of these techniques to simply catch the displays on your Redmi Cell cellular phones for free. There is no need for any Alternative celebration application or programs to catch displays on your Redmi Cell cellular phones.